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JPTR FX Silvermachine - Dual-gain-stage Fuzz Pedal

JPTR FX Silvermachine - Dual-gain-stage Fuzz Pedal

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After hearing your calls, we've taken one of our most in-demand pedals and meticulously redesigned it, ultimately delivering the Silvermachine in its now final, compact form. We understand that pedalboard real estate is precious, and our goal was to provide you with the same outstanding tone and versatility you've come to expect, all while fitting seamlessly into your rig. The result is a smaller, more pedalboard-friendly Silvermachine, ready to unleash its fuzz magic on stages and studios around the world.

The Silvermachine is not just another fuzz pedal. We wanted to create a classic that never existed and time-traveled to a past that we created in our minds to understand the mojo and vibe needed to design such a unit. The result is a pedal that pays homage to the classic fuzz circuits of the past while offering a modern take on the sound.

With its dual gain stages, the Silvermachine offers endless possibilities for shaping your fuzz tone. The interactive gain filters allow for everything from low-gain sizzle to beefy Bender tones and screaming octa-fuzz sounds. And with the Master Volume control, you can fine-tune the output volume to perfectly match your amp's front-end.

Inside the Silvermachine, you'll find filter switches that reduce high-frequency output in three steps, giving you even more control over your tone. Whether you're a vintage fuzz connoisseur or a modern tone-seeker, the Silvermachine has something for you.

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Technical Specification

- Size: 6,5 x 13 x 6 cm with knobs 
- Power requirement: 9 V DC PSU (centre negative, 2.1 mm)
- Current draw: <50 mA

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