Over 10.000 customers can't be fooled

I am really excited about this pedal. The pedal was built to order and still arrived quickly even with it being the holidays. It arrived in great condition with lots of bonus goodies.

Jeremiah K. - Jan. 10., 2023

Great seller and manufacturer! Came pretty fast considering it came all the way from Germany. The way they package the pedal is top notch, very impressed!!! Would definitely recommend.

Ben A. - Dez. 27., 2022

Such a wonderfully open and transparent pedal. I am stacking a duo of these guys and double jiving. Even with both on they still don't colour so much as for me to lose my tone and the overdriven tape machine sound is amazing.

Deke P. - Dez. 25., 2022

Awesome sauce! My experience was exceptional. Hand built pedal Germany in minimal time bb is awesome. Plus, it is the best Big Muff type circuit I have experienced. Thank you JPTR

Steve B. - Jan. 11., 2023