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JPTR FX Kaleidoscope ULTRA - Reverb Multi reflector unit

JPTR FX Kaleidoscope ULTRA - Reverb Multi reflector unit

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Experience the Next Level of Reflections with the New Kaleidoscope Ultra

If you're a musician who loves to explore the vast and immersive sonic landscapes that reverb pedals can create, then the Kaleidoscope is the perfect addition to your pedalboard. With a plethora of reflective possibilities at each turn of a knob, the Kaleidoscope is a breath of fresh air to add to the end of any pedal chain. In fact, the only downside might be that your signal chain may never sound as exciting when it's turned off!

Like its optical namesake, the Kaleidoscope reflects your signal, be it once or more, each duplicate meshing together harmoniously while adding compression, modulation, and copious amounts of feedback frenzy to your signal. But the Kaleidoscope is much more than just another reverb pedal - it's designed to sound like a Fender Twin with the reverb cranked, with the power stage of the amp compressing and even driving the reverberation. And we've simulated this effect with the Comp knob on the Kaleidoscope.

With controls for Volume, Compression, Feedback, Swell, and Mix, the Kaleidoscope offers a range of warm and haunting cloudscapes that we've come to love, as well as an all-wet, crispy whisper with the help of the designated Kill-Dry Switch. To achieve a ramp of feedback which causes your reverb to go into self-oscillation, keep the Hold switch pressed down.

Roll back the reverb and dime the Feedback control for lush, rhythmic wobbles that twist and gyrate along to your sound beds, or turn everything up for a saturated, sustained sound. The Compression Dial comes right after the reverb, which really helps to push your tails - as the reverb fades out, the compression pulls it back up to help elevate your position in the mix.

At JPTR FX, we believe a pedal's musicality is fundamental. So, whether you use the pedal with your guitar, bass, drums, synths, or even vocals, the Kaleidoscope was designed to complement and adapt to all manner of musical styles and input signals. So go ahead, immerse yourself in the cavernous and layered reflective depths within the Kaleidoscope, and discover a whole new world of sonic possibilities.

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Technical Specification

- Size: 12 x 15 x 6,5 cm with knobs
- Power requirement: 9 V DC PSU (centre negative, 2.1 mm)
- Current draw: <120 mA

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