JPTR FX Jive - Reel Saturator Overdrive

JPTR FX Jive - Reel Saturator Overdrive

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Introducing the Jive - Reel Saturator, the pedal that will take your sound to the next level. Inspired by the iconic Akai GX 210D reel-to-reel tape machine from the 1970s, the Jive is all about delivering that signature warm and gooey saturation that comes from pushing the pre-amps to the max.

But the Jive is not just for the vintage purists - it's bold, gritty, and loaded with screaming old-school mojo that'll make your music stand out from the crowd. Whether you're looking to bring some serious edge to your lo-fi garage tones or give your modern-day synth a throwback feel, the Jive - Reel Saturator is the answer to your prayers.

And with its deceptively simple yet insanely versatile control set, the Jive is the perfect tool to help you dial in that perfect level of distortion. In addition to the Volume and Gain controls, the Jive features three clipping diode toggles that allow you to experiment with different levels of asymmetry and symmetry, so you can create your own unique sound that's all your own.

What's more, the Jive - Reel Saturator is designed to handle everything from 9v to 18v, giving you even more headroom to explore the crackling and gritty textures within. Whether you're after a subtle touch of vintage warmth or want to crank up the distortion to tear down some walls, the Jive - Reel Saturator is the key to unlocking your sonic potential.

Don't wait - get your hands on the Jive - Reel Saturator today and experience the unparalleled warmth, grit, and mojo that only a true vintage-inspired pedal can deliver.

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Technical Specification

- Size: 6,5 x 13 x 6 cm with knobs
- Power requirement: 9-18 V DC PSU (centre negative, 2.1 mm)
- Current draw: <50 mA

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