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JPTR FX Death Saw

JPTR FX Death Saw

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So we got a ton of mails asking for rereleasing the Death saw and to be honest its a thorn in my eye to just clone a pedal and give it a fancy enclosure so we reworked the whole thing YAY!

And instread of offering a clone with more knobs we bring you NO KNOBS AT ALL Yes its dimed ALL THE TIME!
Lets say you get the classic Cvlt sounds we all love but in a way more "JPTR" way.
We added a clean volume to boost your dirty amp and give some parallel transparency for example, Leds for clipping instead of Germanium.
With the optional bass boost you can get your dooms what is missing in my opinion in the original schematic and of cause way more gain.
Its the Heaviest Metal in existence OSMIUM!

Its our version of the famous HM2 this means its super loud, super gainy, but lots of note definition, its the raw, wild bestiary that finally got free with our tweeks.
Your bandmates and eardrums will beg for mercy.

This is a preordered item 
we will ship out the first batch as always as soon as we can 

10 units in CVLT ORANGE

Shipping & Returns

This product can be returned within 14 days of receiving it. Please note that the product has to be in original condition of which it has been received in.

Technical Specification

- 9V
- Small enclosure (same as Jive etc)
- no Knobs (because why)

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