JPTR FX Bleach - Seattle Guitar Destroyer

JPTR FX Bleach - Seattle Guitar Destroyer

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Having been big Alt/Grunge-fans for decades, this release is something we all are very proud of!
With other JPTR pedals we already unleashed some big fuzz and octave up sounds that combine the rawness of the 90s era with our modern tweaks to make unforgettable creators of noise. Now welcome BLEACH:
This is your Seattle buzzsaw, an analog chorus circuit mixed with our love language of simple destruction. Another addition to our lineup that brings you closer to iconic 90s sounds but also far beyond, the Bleach is a must-have for all enjoyers of flannels and offset guitars.


The distortion side is an OpAmp circuit with a filter similar to the muff. To offer both scooped and mid-forward sounds we changed a handful parts to offer a wide tonal range. Big clipping diodes that you can change with internal settings ensure that the sound is properly grinding into your eardrums.

The chorus side is an analog chorus. Wide, wet and ultra-lush just waiting for waowaowao feedback or iconic, hypnotic lead tones.
With its thick, super loud distortion and laserbeam feedback, or beautiful leads on the chorus side it’s ready to fulfill all your teenage or grown-ass-teen dreams.

Ready to smash your guitar, jump into the drumset and beat up some security guards?

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Technical Specification

- diecast Aluminium enclosure 
- Size: 12 x 15 x 6,5 cm with knobs 
- Power requirement: 9 V DC PSU (centre negative, 2.1 mm) 
- Current draw: <80 mA

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